BTN Schomberg (Head Office)

The Schomberg location opened in spring of 1983. Located on high geographic point in the area with 135 acres of land supporting cold frame and greenhouse production, distribution warehousing, wholesale operations and head office.


6050 17th Sideroad, Schomberg, ON L0G 1T0, Canada

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Staff Listing

Jeff Olsen

President / CEO

Phone: 905.859.4571 x233
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Ryan Somerville

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 905-859-4571 x238
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Kevin Koopmans

Chief Operating Officer

Phone: 905.859.4571 x224
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Richard Tomlinson

Vice President - Sales

Phone: 905.859.4571 x222
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Pam Mckinley

National Accounting Manager

Phone: 905.859.4571 x239
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Tim Twohey

National Operations Manager

Phone: 905.859.4571 x226
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Marc Bonnici

National Distribution Manager

Phone: 905.939.1047 x21
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Ashley Waltho

National Marketing Manager

Phone: 905.859.4571 x230
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Philip Shore

National Account Manager

Phone: 905.859.4571 x260
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Mike Petersen

National Purchasing Manager

Phone: 905.859.4571 x255
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Diane Bridges

Payroll Manager

Phone: 905.859.4571
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Sabrina Sheridan

Account Specialist

Phone: 905.859.4571 x232
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Cheryl Galezowski

Account Specialist

Phone: 905.859.4571 x250
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Lauren Beisser

Accounts Payable

Phone: 905.859.4571 x258
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Tina Bentley

Purchasing Assistant / Office Administrator

Phone: 905.859.4571 x279
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Anil Sinharoy

Inventory Specialist

Phone: 905.859.4571 x257
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Debbie Hill

Accounts Receivable

Phone: 905.859.4571 x221
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